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American Bar Association Guidelines

The eLawyering Task Force of the American Bar Association (ABA), recognizing that an increasing number of websites provide legal information and that users of these websites have varying levels of knowledge of the law and the Internet, provided guidelines aimed at ensuring that consumers receive accurate legal information. wishes to assure our customers that we have taken every reasonable step to adhere to the following guidelines provided by the ABA.

Contact Information

A web site providing legal information should provide full and accurate information on the identity and contact details of the provider of the site. The person(s) or organization(s) responsible for the information on a site is (are) clearly indicated on all pages of the site. Providers should include full contact details, including name, mailing address, telephone, and/or e-mail address.

Dating Material

Web site providers should include information about the dates on which the substantive content on their sites was prepared or last reviewed.


Web site providers should avoid misleading users about the jurisdiction to which the site's content relates. If the legal content is clearly state-specific, the jurisdiction in which the law applies should be identified within the content of the information or otherwise.

Limits of Legal Information

When a site provides only legal information, the provider should give users conspicuous notice that legal information does not constitute legal advice.


Sites should link to other resources that are likely to assist users with their problems.

Legal Citations

When appropriate, sites should contain links to relevant case law and legislation.


Where appropriate, sites should provide users with information on how and where to obtain legal advice and further information.


Providers should obtain permission to use content from other providers.

Terms and Conditions

Sites should clearly and conspicuously provide users with information about the provider's terms and conditions of use.

Privacy Statement

Sites should clearly and conspicuously provide users with their privacy policies and policies on security of communications