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If you have any possessions and property that you wish to leave to family and friends and cannot afford expensive lawyer fees you can use the to securely, quickly and in a cost effective manner complete a legal document in real time. We provide you with an Eligibility Questionnaire designed to determine whether you should use the PrepareCase system to create a Will or whether you should seek the advice of a duly licensed and competent attorney.

If we determine that you can use the system you will then be presented with 'Interview' questions designed to gather your information. We also provide you with ‘Help’ buttons that provide explanations and examples that you can use in answering the questions. From the information you provide in answering these questions, the will, living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare is created. It's that easy!

We want you to be one hundred (100%) satisfied. Only after you have completed all sections of our ‘Interview’ questionnaire will you be directed to our billing page. Once the billing information has been provided you can print and sign your will, living will or durable power of attorney.

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